For me, the most difficult thing to study oversea is foodsick but not homesick. Although there are many so called "Chinese/Asian Restaurants" in Melbourne, the flavour and the taste are just not right...

I found I-Mei frozen food products first in an Asian grocery shop in Chinatown (運時). The Oriental Plain Pancake attracted my eye at the first moment. It recalled my memory of the egg pancake I once had in 小小福. Of course, the price is not as friendly as 小小福, but the taste is even better! No need to unfreeze the pancake just fried the egg and directly put the pancake on the egg. I’ve tried to add cheese and fried pork fiber. All of them were great combinations! With the first success, I went back to the grocery shop and bought all kind of I-Mei products home. They never disappointed me!

Here I list the Great Eastern Grocery's price for reference

Oriental Plain Pancake (x5): $2.8

Sasame and taro bun (x6): $3.9

Sasame Pancake (x5): $3.2

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