Tasmania is the paradise for bushwalkers and travelers who need peace and solitude. After the fieldtrip, I deeply understand. I could still remember the silence and stillness in the early morning at the lake side of Tullah. Not to mention the dazzling mountain scenery on our way to Lake MacKenzie. Even with an incidentally glance during sampling, the view was so hard to forget.

    Thanks to the natural scenery which slightly eased my tense all the way during our journey. For me, it was work, not travel. It was also my first time working alone with a person whom I was not familiar with. Not until then I realized that I had really bad temper (XD). But the cooperation was another important lesson I learned other than the fieldwork know-how.

    After coming back from Tassie, I’ve started the apatite hunting safari. Not only dolerite outcrop and core samples, I’ve also got 5 samples of different depth from one granite drilling for thermal gradient calibration. It seems those rocks would keep me busy for a while.  

    However, I am going to throw rocks away and heading to Sydney tomorrow! OLE! Visiting 3 friends (Mei-Fei, Marlene and Jason) in Sydney and enjoy one flamenco performance in Opera House! I guess it’s hard for me to fall in sleep tonight. Ha ha!

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