WICKED~The untold story of the witches of OZ


This famous Broadway Musical has been advertised in town for ages...Well...sice last July at least. Today, I finally got chance to enjoy this fantastic show with the best seat for just $30 (original $120)! Why? Because I won the "WICKED Lottery"!!

Regent Theatre on Collins St

WICKED is presented in Melbourne in the Regent Theatre on Collins St. The "WICKED Lottery" provides 19 AAA seat tickets for lucky audiences in each performance.

The entrance of Regent Theatre

We arrived 2.5 hrs prior to the musical commence. Our names were collected and put into a lovely wicked lottery box.

 Lottery participants

Winners' name were drawn after 30 mins.

Lottery drawn!

Amazing! I am the 2nd to be drawn! I won! At that time I didn't realize how lucky I was to get a "AAA" seat. It supposed to mean "good" seat anyway...

Guess who's the winner!!!!  

However, It's not just "good"...It's "PERFECT"! The AAA seat is the first row in the theatre with ~3 m distance away from the stage. It's not too close but an amazing distance to see the performers' face. Their emotional expression and each eye contact were so clearly presented, needless to mention the design of the stage and resplendent costume.

Inside of the theatre

People should be familiar with the story of "The wizard of OZ" which tells you about what happened after Dorothy dropped in the wonderland. But seems less attention to the good/evil witches in the story. "Wicked, the untold story of the witches of OZ" presents us how Alphaba, the seemed evil witch and Glinda, the good & popular witch have become what they are now.

Wicked every where! 


I think it's a high standard performance regarding to the acter/actress presentation, the design of the stage and of course, the extraordinary design of the costume. In particular, it cost only $30 for a such wonderful show..:p...

Here is the link to the official Aussie wicked website, all the information you need, especially the lottery rules, can be found here..^^..

Enjoy your WICKED journey!




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